Why is Life So Hard? 

We’ve all found ourselves pondering over this question: Why is life so hard? We sometimes personalize it by saying, why is my life so hard? What is wrong with me? Why am I so different from the rest of the world? Why does everyone else but me have it going smoothly for them? Series of questioning in our hearts. 

Sometimes we get comforted knowing that we aren’t the only ones going through the rough patches in life. At other times, we are less concerned about who else is going through a similar challenge. We just want it to be over and enjoy and peaceful life with no difficulties.

The question, however, is whether life ever is smooth, with no difficulty of any kind. I mean, why is life so hard? 

In this blog post, we’ll share with you some reasons life is so difficult. 

  1. It’s difficult to make money

Money is something we all want, and we want it in abundance. We all want to make so much money because we need money to get nearly everything we want in life. However, it is difficult to make money. Hence, our frustration with life.

You see, for those who aren’t born with a silver spoon, to make money, you have to either work a job or own a business. 

Working a job means that you get a survival wage. These wages differ depending on an individual’s skill set. Usually, it takes years of experience to acquire the necessary skills required to fetch you the kind of money you desire. And this is difficult. 

Besides, finding a job in the first place is hard, keeping it is harder, and acquiring years of experience that will eventually set you up for promotion and more is the hardest.

Also, working a job comes with stress and frustration. It steals your time, freedom, mobility, and even creativity. It sort of hinders you from enjoying life when you are young, and by the time you are retired and ready to enjoy life, you become too old to. 

If you are building a business, on the other hand, it could be risky with uncertainties. It takes discipline, hard work, wisdom, patience, and resilience. Here’s the twist: even when you succeed, you still can’t rest.

You have to keep working hard to sustain the growth of your business. So, yes! We can officially conclude that building a business is hard. 

The implication of this is that because making money, either by working a job or building a business is so much hard work, it’s only expected that life, in turn, will be hard because we need money to do or get nearly everything.

So, how can we deal with this? 

Invest some time in getting financial education and don’t think you will be happier when you become the richest man in the world. 

With financial education, you can make far more money than most people and if your dream isn’t to have all the money in the world, you can be content and happier with what you have.

  1. We do not realize that everything takes time and effort

Getting anything and everything good in life takes time and effort. Nothing comes easy. It takes sweat, blood, tears, and, of course, a lot of effort to meet any goal you set for yourself. Success takes time. And as long as you keep working, anything is achievable. 

However, we fail to understand this. Hence, we find ourselves jumping from one opportunity to another, hoping that the next one will bear fruit. 

When it starts taking so much effort and time to see any, we start getting discouraged yet again and all we want to do is to run out in search of other opportunities that present themselves as “enjoy a quick reward.” We repeat the cycle over and over. So we keep getting frustrated every time it happens. 

Again, we ask ourselves at those points, why is life so hard?

For instance, living a healthy life is so hard we often get discouraged and end up settling for less. Thanks to the society we live in, it is even harder to sustain a healthy routine. Calories (not quality food) are abundant and we are always tempted to take in more than our bodies actually require daily. 

We do not bother looking for healthy options because, as a matter of fact; they are rare and expensive. Also, it’s hard to find time to work out. 

Unfortunately, most jobs do not require any form of physical activity, which makes it even worse. Again, we have to go out of our way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s so much hard work. 

How can you deal with this?

Get yourself to understand how life works. Don’t expect miracles without patience. Don’t move from pillar to pole, looking for the next shiny object. Be at peace and pursue your dream by living in the moment.

  1. Ignorance

Most of the time, we suffer a thing because we are ignorant about the best approach to tackle the problem. The problem with this is that we think that we are educated; therefore, we know what we are doing. In the real sense, we don’t know what we’re doing because if we did, we won’t be questioning the complexity of life.

How can you deal with this?

The Bible says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”. To live a meaningful life, you must get an education every day of your life. Learn what others don’t. 

Read what others don’t. Acquire skills and improve your mind. This will make your life 10 times easier than that of most people.

  1. We constantly struggle with criticism

We all struggle with criticism at different points in our life. We wonder if people will like and accept us, and what they will say about us, especially when we are not there to defend ourselves. 

We wonder if we will make a good first impression on others. Eventually, we spend half the time worrying about other people’s opinions about us and this always leaves us unhappy.

Our advice is to go for that thing that you think people will criticize you for the most. Take steps every day until you are excellent at it.

  1. We base our happiness on others

You see, it is hard to be happy when you base your entire existence on someone else. When your happiness lies in what they do or what they don’t, forget that happiness cannot be sourced from others. 

You can only find happiness when you are happy with yourself. Honestly, no one, not even a huge amount of money, can make you truly happy except yourself. 

It might work for a few days where you’ll get excited and feel on top of the world, but in no time, you’ll find yourself seeking something else to make you happy and the cycle continues. Find happiness in yourself.

In conclusion, life is hard and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

The only thing you can do is decide to be tougher than life. Get education. Get skills. Improve your mind and you’ll be a better and stronger person who can go through life with smiles.


Thank you. 


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