The One Thing the Rich don’t Do that Everyone Else Don’t


In my second year in college, I met with a group of ambitious young people. We were all united in one thing and that’s, we all wanted to become rich by building businesses. 

We moved around the campus with business books and gathered many days to discuss business ideas. We were crazy guys and nothing in the world seemed to be powerful enough to stop us until when we all rounded off our courses.

I chose to go straight into the business world even though I had not much money, while most of my friends chose to work for a few years before they start pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. 

That was over a decade ago and many of them are still planning to be entrepreneurs even till this morning because they merely talk about their dreams. They do nothing significant about it.

Those who end up being rich are doers. Everyone else is a talker.

Everywhere I look these days, I see adults with dreams. But they will never make any sacrifice for such dreams. Those who try to make sacrifices would run back after one or two failures and blame someone else for their failures.

The rich are not talkers. The rich are action-takers.

It doesn’t matter how poor or disadvantaged you think you are, if you look closely at yourself, you’ll see how you can start pursuing your dreams in a little way but there’s another problem most people have and that’s the lack of faith in themselves.

People who end up becoming rich believe in themselves and that’s why they could pull themselves out and do tough things. This lack of faith can also be obvious quickly, even if you try to pursue your dream. Either you’ll pursue your dream half-heartedly or you’ll run back after a few failures.

Let me give you some examples.

People who don’t believe in themselves usually have Plan B and Plan C. For instance, if you think you can become a musician but you don’t really believe in yourself, you may be practicing music and playing soccer at the same time, thinking, “If one fails the other will succeed”.

Those who end up being rich don’t have plan B. they go in with all their life. For them, it’s a do-or-die game. For them, there’s a single thing that deserves their life and if they can’t get that single thing, they get nothing.

That’s why they can sacrifice everything they have just to achieve their dream. In my own case, I decided never to get my certificate out of school so that I would never be employable. 

Not being employable meant that the only option I had was to build my company or die trying to. You can’t get to this stage and not be determined to make any sacrifice needed to be successful.

The problem with most people is that they have too many options around them. They want to start a business, but if it fails, their job is there, so they are safe.

You don’t need to be safe. You need to be successful.

Another problem with people who don’t believe in themselves is that, even if they try to take some actions toward their dreams, they would run back after two or three failures because they will start thinking, “I’m not sure I can do this”.

I failed in the business world for 8 years and I still kept on fighting because I believed I could do it. You just have to believe in yourself. Not just that, your belief must be so strong that you’re willing to take crazy risks.

That’s what the rich do.

Let me round off this blog post by reiterating 3 important points.

First, don’t be a talker or a complainer. Talk is cheap, and no one is listening to you. The only thing the universe respects is action, massive actions. Do you dream of becoming rich or anything? Get out today and take the first step.

Wake up tomorrow to take another step. Wake up the next day to do something. The rich don’t sit around and talk about their dreams. They get out and fight for it. Be proactive and fight hard for what you believe.

Second, don’t expect it to be easy. Let me disappoint you. You see, if you’re not willing to sacrifice 5-7 years for your dream, it’s either your dream is too small or you can’t achieve it.

Don’t be deceived. Success isn’t easy, and that’s why most people can’t get it. If there’s no fight, there’s no freedom. If you can’t fight, you can’t get freedom. If you can’t go to war, you can’t win the world.

There’s no gain without pain. There’s no victory without the cross. Be prepared and determined. Know that you’ll make mistakes and fail and never blame anyone for your mistakes or failures. 

I’ve heard many people blaming the government, the economy, or their parents for their failures. While you may be right when you think that someone else caused your failures, blaming anything outside of you for your failure means you won’t take full responsibility to change your life. 

Even if you’re sure someone or something caused your failure, decide to take full responsibility to solve your problem yourself.

The third and very important point is for you to believe in yourself. This is very important because if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be able to take the massive actions needed to get a breakthrough. Even if you try to act, you’ll run back after a few failures.

In conclusion, to succeed or become wealthy, you must be a doer, not a talker. The rich don’t waste time talking. They get out and fight hard for what they believe they deserve.


Thank you.

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