10 Reasons You Should Never Be an Employee 


It’s quite unfortunate that we live in a society that has made working a full-time job or being a full-time employee a default setting. 

Well, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to be one, especially after considering certain perks that come with it? For instance, you get steady pay and a loving community of fellow office workers striving towards a similar goal as laid out by a board of directors. 

Besides, you have entered the ranks of doing what the world believes is the best thing for you to do. I mean, your college degree and all of your hard work finally paid off, and you made it to the big leagues. What could be better? 

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working as a full-time employee. However, this applies only if you are in love with your job and not just because you are only interested in the money. 

Unfortunately, more than 85% of the world’s employees hate their jobs, according to Gallup Polls. 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with you 10 reasons you should never be an employee.  

  1. As an employee, you work too hard to earn a few dollars

Entrepreneurs can make money for years on a product they create just once. Job doesn’t have such leverage. For instance, you can’t make money from your last year’s work. That’s why it’s hard to be rich as an employee. 

Entrepreneurs get paid for the labor of others. Employees have to work every day to be paid. That’s why they work too hard for a few dollars. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but you can do it if you truly want to do it. 

  1. As an employee, you find it hard to save

That you earn more money doesn’t mean you’ll have the time to enjoy the money. As a matter of fact, as an employee, you’ll spend more money on necessities such as transport, food, and even childcare.

Working part-time, or being self-employed, on the hand, will help you improve your savings habits and budget planning because you’ll find ways to trim down your expenses and invest more. 

  1. Jobs kill your self-esteem

 As an employee, because you become used to repeating the same task over and over again, taking up new challenges that force you to think outside the box might eventually become difficult to do. 

And this will cause you to lose inspiration, passion, and the energy needed for your own life as you work to accomplish someone else’s goal. And even when you manage to do so, you won’t have the time to. Sooner than later, you’ll probably just give up the chase and stick to what you consider your only means of “livelihood.”

Working a part-time job, on the other hand, will give you the time you need to try different things, and improve yourself and your self-esteem.

  1. You learn little as an employee

Except your employer makes provision for certain training and courses, as an employee, chances that you’ll constantly have the time to learn new things are slim. 

As a matter of fact, it might be difficult to bring yourself to learn other non-work related stuff because you do not have the time as an employee. 

  1. You can’t diversify as an employee

Have you thought of creating another stream of income for yourself? I’m sure you have, but you just haven’t gotten to it yet because you haven’t gotten the time to plan it out, nor do you have the time to conveniently work two jobs at the same time. 

You see, that’s the problem with being a full-time employee. When you are able to diversify, you’ll be less likely to get bored. Plus, you’ll have more money. 

  1. You can’t take calculated risks as an employee

Risk-taking is one of the best ways to challenge your abilities, step out of your comfort zone and pave the way for success. 

However, if you’re not taking calculated risks or regularly pushing yourself beyond your limits and outside of your comfort zone, then you’re not growing and evolving as a person. 

Sadly, this is what happens when you settle into the routine of a 9-to-5 job. You get used to the system. You get used to having no time for anything else. Eventually, you fail to pursue your dreams and settle in your comfort zone.

  1. You can’t enjoy great friendships and have a good social life

When you work as a full-time employee, your social life will primarily become your co-workers, which means that your love life, personal life, and extracurricular interests will all revolve around the same set of people. 

Building and keeping relationships will be easy to achieve when you are not a full-time employee because it’ll be easy to keep up with all the fun things and hangouts/night outs that friends do, unlike a full-time employee who barely has time for himself/herself.

  1. You may not be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Working part-time enables flexibility, which means you can pay attention to healthy lifestyle routines such as exercising and eating healthy, well-balanced meals. Also, you won’t have to deal with stress often, which is an added advantage. 

  1. You may judge people who are living free lives

As a full-time employee, there’s a slight chance that you’ll be jealous of people who have figured out how to monetize their passions in a manner better than you have. 

For instance, a musician who has made it big, an artist who is having residencies and exhibitions at big-time galleries, or bloggers who sit at home all day only to earn twice as much as you earn monthly from just writing a few blog posts. 

Being a self-employed person, you can easily learn how to monetize your passion and make good fortune from it. 

  1. You’ll have less energy

Sitting in a place all day (either doing something or doing nothing) can be so tiring. This is usually the case with people who spend the entire day at work. Little wonder they get back home tired, dull, and weak. 

However, when you are not a full-time employee, you’ll have more time to rest your body and mind. Make sound decisions every time the need arises.


Thank you.


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