Steve Courage

Entrepreneur, CEO
(27th Century Ltd)

A Little About Me

When I was 13 years old, I asked himself, “Why is everybody teaching me how to be an employee?”

I started my first major business (bicycle renting service) at the age of 15 and went fully into the business world at the age of 21.

Today, I’m the owner and CEO of the 27th Century, a limited liability company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The 27th Century as at the time of writing this has 33 employees and generates millions of Naira in monthly profit.


My Business University

At age 21 when I told people that I wanted to build my own company, some said I can’t succeed because my parents were poor. Other people think that without degrees I couldn’t be anything in life. Yes, I was born by poor parents, suffered rheumatism for about 17 years, grew up in a village, and left school without any degree. But today, I make millions of Naira every month, doing what I extremely enjoy doing.Some people say that it’s not easy to build a business in Africa. 

Yes, Africa is a difficult place to start a business but building a successful company isn’t easy anywhere in the world.



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