Don’t Settle for Ordinary Life

Benjamin Solomon Carson was born on 18th Feb. 1955 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Carson didn’t spend a long time living with his parents since they divorced when he was about eight years old. After the separation of his parents, he lived with only his mum and brother, residing within Boston and later returning to Detroit.

While growing up as a child, Carson was an enthusiastic learner at school. He was very comfortable and always pleased to sit in a classroom to be taught. But contrary to this academic desire, he was such a poor student at school. Countless times, with help from his mother, and advice from his teacher, he tried to be better at his academics.

However, all his effort came to naught. There were times his teacher gave up on him and believed he would never be a great and successful academician. But after receiving a series of motivation and challenge from his mother and brother, he started performing extra reading and writing assignments in addition to the regular school work that had been taught and practised in class. In no time, Carson began to have good grades and was considered to be amongst the best students in the southwestern high school.

Moreover, Ben Carson encountered a few psychological problems in his teenage years. He once had a severe anger issue that led him to go physical with friends and even some schoolmates. As a result of his violent temper, there were times he went after people with hammers, baseball bats, bricks and rocks. A particular day came when he had a dispute with his mother regarding clothing, and he suddenly became angry and threatened to hit his mother on the head with a hammer. Carson soon realised that he had a severe problem to resolve. He knew there was a part of him that needed a fix. To curb his temper, he started using the books of proverbs in the Bible and applied the verses that address anger. Not too long after his resolution to end this problem, he then could manage and contain his temper.

When it was time for Carson to further his academics and proceed to college, he wanted to attend the very best. He also wanted to school far away from his older brother, who was a student at the University of Michigan. Thus, he narrowed his option to Harvard or Yale. He didn’t have much money to cater to his learning process at any of these schools. He only had a $10 application fee to apply for any of them. Eventually, he chose Yale.

To his wild astonishment, Carson was granted a full scholarship and ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1973. During his studies at Yale, he got acquainted with Lacena Rustin, who he later married.

Ben Carson wasn’t satisfied with the degree he got at Yale. He wanted more. He wanted to attain something greater. He got admitted into the University of Michigan, graduating with a medical degree. He later proceeded to a medical school in Baltimore, Maryland – John Hopkins University, where he was able to complete a residency in neurosurgery.

Carson became an accomplished neurosurgeon, who made history by being the very first neurosurgeon to perform a delicate medical operation on conjoined twins successfully. These twins were attached at the back of the head. Ben Carson was the only neurosurgeon who could boldly take a chance and perform the operation.

Today, the entire world still applauds Carson for his bravery. He later ventured into American politics and was made to serve as Secretary of housing and urban development in the United States.

The fascinating story of Ben Carson portrays a lot. His story vividly portrays strength, relentlessness and a thirst for greatness.

How strong are you to survive in hard times as Carson did?

What length would you go to ensure your success?

How passionate are you about the goal you’re in pursuit of?

These questions require genuine answers. If you can honestly answer them, then your future should be clear before your eyes.

Carson wasn’t just strong or passionate. He was also a risk-taker! There were other neurosurgeons who were probably more seasoned than he was. But they weren’t willing and bold enough to undergo the risk.

On your journey to success, there would be times when you’d need to face your fears and take risks. Jim Rohn said“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”.

Moreover, you don’t take risks when you don’t have enough courage and faith. Ernest Hemingway said, “Courage is grace under pressure”. Courage is a confident character that is not easily intimidated or afraid by circumstances. In the process of taking that huge risky step to greatness, Courage is one of the key qualities needed.

Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. In addition to your passion and strengths, always be courageous towards that goal.

You can win, and you will!

But don’t forget, winning requires a level of Courage from you!!!

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