How The Rich Use the Internet Vs How Poor People Use The Internet


Sometimes last year I wanted to employ a man. While interviewing him, I asked for his phone and permission to log in to his YouTube home page.

Whether I want to employ you, promote you, or find out if you’re a poor or rich person, I really don’t need you to tell me anything. If I can have access to your browser history, I can know most things I need to know about you. If I can have access to your social media profiles, your YouTube home page, or your browser history, I can know anything I want about you. I can know whether you’re likely to end up becoming rich and successful or you’ll end up like every other Joe. That’s how powerful the internet is.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with you the difference between how the rich use the internet and how the poor use the internet.

Let’s get started with the fundamentals. The fundamental difference between how the rich approach life and how the poor approach life is that the rich are opportunists while the poor are usually consumers. The rich look at life, technology, and every other thing as an instrument for creating wealth, while the poor usually see these things as instruments of pleasure.

Take, for instance, how I got to fall in love with Facebook. It happened that everyone I knew had been on Facebook and they always asked why I wasn’t there, to which I usually asked them, “What are they doing on Facebook?”. They told me I can chat with my friends and post anything. That wasn’t interesting to me. But one day I met someone who told me I could use Facebook to promote my business. Gbam! I rushed in.

Similar thing with YouTube. One day I discovered YouTube is the second most popular website in my country. I immediately remembered what my business teachers have taught me about business, which is as simple as; whenever people go, money is there. I rushed to join YouTube. Today, I use both Facebook and YouTube as instruments to create and promote my business.

Because the rich are opportunists, everywhere they go, their aim is to take advantage. In other words, because poor people are usually consumers, everywhere they go, their aim is to enjoy and have fun. This approach is what the two groups bring to the internet.

Let’s look at these 3 major points;

First, the rich use social media to promote their businesses or personal brand while the poor use social media to show off their new watches and cars.

The rich are in constant search of how social media can help their business or personal brand. They want to take the advantage of millions of people who are on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and sell to them or get them to know about their personal brand. The poor wake up every day to be concerned about who likes their photos and who comments on their posts.

Second, the rich see the internet as the best instrument to learn. The rich know that you can learn practically anything via Google and YouTube and they take full advantage of that. The poor are busy on gossip sites and entertainment YouTube Channels. Fun, Fun, Fun, that’s what is important to them.

Does that mean that the rich don’t have fun or watch entertainment videos?

No, that’s not the point. The best way to see this is to ask, what do you do first thing in the morning? If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is log in to Facebook to look at the number of likes your last night’s post or to go to a Gossip website and read what happens between two actors or politicians, then, that’s your priority. However, if you invest your entire day diligently and in the evening, spend some time relaxing and entertaining yourself, that doesn’t make you a poor person.

So, what is the purpose of this blog post?

Well, we hope this blog post challenge someone to rethink how we’re using the internet because there are only two hands, left and right. There are only two ways to live; be a consumer or be a manufacturer. Be an opportunist or be a victim of marketing.

Should we continue using the internet as consumers? Are you aware that some smart people are making money everywhere you go on the internet?

Yes, for every single website you visit, for every App you use. For every click you make on the internet, someone is either making money or about to make money. Someone is selling something, his product, service, or himself. Should you be a victim of mass marketing or a creator of those marketing? Should you be a consumer of everything? What if you can be an opportunist? What if you can create something other people will be happy to use, consume and pay for?

Yes, you can! The best way to start is not the internet itself. It’s your world’s view. You have to change your world’s view. You have to stop thinking like a consumer. You have to learn how to stay back and ask questions; who made this and why? How does someone make money from this?

If you change your worldview, you’ll change the way you consume content on the internet. You’ll stop being a mere consumer who is a victim of marketing pitches. You’ll start being an opportunist who uses every medium possible to promote himself or his product or services. The Internet is the greatest invention of mankind. Like every great thing, however, it does hurt billions of people while it helps a few people. Stop being a victim of this great thing called the internet. Start using the internet as a smart individual. Don’t just be a consumer of the internet. Be an opportunist. Think. Create. Sell.


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