After Watching This, NOTHING In The World Can Stop You

Mercy Johnson was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on 28th Aug.1984, to a Naval Officer, Daniel Johnson, and his wife – Elizabeth Johnson. Mercy was the fourth child to this couple, after which they had three other children. She had six siblings, three older brothers and three younger sisters.

Mercy began her primary education in Calabar but later moved back to Lagos to attend a Nigerian Navy Primary School. After her father got transferred to Lagos, Mercy had to go along with him to continue her education there.

As a child, Mercy wasn’t opportune to live a luxurious life. Her father’s earnings as a military personnel weren’t sufficient enough to cater to her and other siblings. As a result of her father’s financial incapability, Mercy’s schooling wasn’t steady. Countless times, she had to drop out of secondary school, since her parents couldn’t afford the fees.

Moreover, Mercy was a very tough and brave girl. She thought of engaging herself in odd jobs in a bid to attend to some responsibilities in the family. Without an iota of discouragement, Mercy started hawking drinkable water on the streets. She also sold food items to generate more income. She usually used the money she realized from her hawking to support herself and the family.

Sometime later, Mercy stopped hawking and began working as a housemaid. It was a very rigorous job to do, but the young lady was actually choiceless.

Shortly after she concluded her secondary school, Mercy decided to further her education. She took the Universe entrance examination but failed. She wasn’t granted admission. While she was at home, waiting to participate in the next year’s entrance exam, she got an opportunity to attend a movie audition. She had not been acting previously, but her smartness and intelligence helped. She was selected amongst those that would be featured in the movie – The Maid. Mercy’s outstanding role in the movie gave her an entrance into the Nigerian Movie Industry and enabled her to begin an acting career in Nollywood.

Subsequently, Mercy was featured in other movies that went viral, announcing her to a wide audience. With time, Mercy earned various awards within and beyond the walls of her country, Nigeria. In 2011, she got married to Prince Odianosen Okojie, a wealthy young man famously known as “Odi”. They had a grand marriage ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria, and top African celebrities were in attendance.

Even to this day, Mercy Johnson has built a revered brand for herself, and she remains a well-regarded Nollywood figure in Africa.

Sometimes, bravery may just be the exact thing you need to break through. Although the scenario around you could seem hopeless, difficult, or scary, but don’t be puzzled or intimidated. Put on the Armour of bravery, fight, and conquer your battles.

Thomas Paine said, “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection”.

Can you smile in trouble? Can you look your fear in the face and smile because you’re sure you’ll win?

Melissa Tumino said, “Bravery is the ability to look fear and hurt in the face and say ‘move aside, you are in the way’ “.

Morgan Harper Nichols said, “Bravery is the audacity to be unhindered by failures and to walk in freedom, strength, and hope, in the face of the things unknown”.

Brave people are unstoppable. They may be combatted with a series of roadblocks, but the bravery in them strengthens them to break through eventually.

Mercy Johnson had a million reasons to give up. The different circumstances threatened her future. But she was a brave lady who fought her way to success regardless of difficulties.

The brave ones die but once. The fearful die but a thousand times.

Overcome your fears today and embrace bravery.

Go after what you want as though failure is impossible.

Run after your goal as though you can never fail.

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