5 Things Every Rich Person Does in Secret



I remember one day about 12 years ago. I was a political leader on campus and I had a need to help a colleague of mine to address some group of people who had earlier proved to be difficult. A few minutes after I stood on the podium I heard one guy from the audience saying something like, “that man is not ordinary”, referring to me because I was able to get the stubborn audience to listen to me and do what I wanted them to do.

What this guy didn’t know was that I am as ordinary as he is. The difference between us is that I had done some things in secret that he did not do and that’s learning how to speak and convince people.

Similar thing happens every day. Because some people are extremely rich, those who are poor usually think maybe the rich are in some way extraordinary but it’s not so. Instead of being extraordinary, there are things the rich do in secret that the poor don’t.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with you 5 things that the rich do in secret.

  1. The Rich Read in the Secret

According to research from Thomas Crowley, 85 percent of self-made millionaires read two or more books per month. When I look back at my life, I can tell you that if not because of my reading habit, I’ll by now be a miserable poor soul.

It’s reading that gives me inspiration, insights, and ideas. It’s through reading you know what most people don’t know. It’s by knowing what most people don’t know that you’ll be able to do what most people can’t do. It’s by doing what most people cannot do that you have the kinds of success they cannot have.

Unfortunately, most adults don’t read after they leave school. Some that read don’t read books about money and to me that’s pride. How on Earth can someone claim he wants to be rich yet find it too difficult to read at least 6 books about money in a year?

  1. The Rich Have Daily Mind-Strengthening Rituals

Life is tough, difficult, and sometimes terrible. Everything that’s happening around you is poisoning your mind and weakening your aspiration. The only way to wake up to life every day as a strong and motivated individual is by having some life-charging rituals.

My favorite ritual is to listen to a motivational speech immediately after I finish my morning spiritual devotion. This charges my battery and gives me the unusual zeal to attack whatever obstacle comes my way through the day.

If you’re low on energy, charge your battery. If you’ve lost your drive, charge your battery. If you’re not enthusiastic about life anymore, develop a daily ritual that charges your battery so that you can be strong enough to fight through every necessary obstacle life may bring your way.

  1. The Rich Network Heavily  

I know you’ve heard before that the reason some people are rich is that they have connections. Maybe the opposite is the truth. You see, one of the reasons why the rich are rich is because they build connections. They don’t have it. They build it.

According to a study by Thomas Corley, 79% of wealthy people spend at least five hours a month networking—whether it’s at a conference, client event, online webinar, or just over coffee—while only 16% of poor people network consistently.

Humans were never designed to be independent people. We’re designed to learn and tap from one another. That’s why Brian Tracy said, “Your network determines your net worth”. The rich know this and always secretly build a strong network of people around themselves.

When next you meet with anyone who is positive and goal-driven, start a conversation with him/her. Get connected with great minds and make sacrifices to keep those relationships and connections.

  1. The Rich Engage in Positive self-talk

I failed in the business world for 8 years and there was no way on Earth anyone could have endured failure after failure for that long, if not because he is telling himself something in the secret.

All those years and till this day, what I tell myself every day is, “I’m a great person”, “I’m stronger than any obstacle”, “I can achieve anything I want under the Sun”, “Jesus alone is the only person who can stop me, not even Satan”. While poor people always complain and tell themselves, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not as smart as others”, “Nobody helps me”, the rich always do the opposite.

Every rich person secretly talks positively to himself. It’s this positive self-talk that makes successful people extremely confident and always ready to fight a new battle each day.

  1. The Rich Take care of their morning

I’ve seen people who wake up to the TV, movie, or social media. There’s no worse thing you can do with your life than that. See, the world is extremely negative. I can bet with you that 90% of the news today is either going to be negative or irrelevant to your personal success.

I can bet it with you that 90% of the stuff you’ll see if you go to your social media profile now is either going to be gossip, selfie, or negative stuff. If this is the truth, why on Earth would anyone wake up to consume poison? I understand. I’ve been there before.

You published a post on Facebook or a photo on Instagram at night and when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you think about is to check who has liked or commented on your post or photos, and just after that, you feel like spending a few minutes to see what others post.

No matter how much you like this, it’s a lowlife, and this is my advice for you; make it a law never to watch the news on the TV, or go to any social network in the morning. The reason is that your morning is the most important period of your entire day. If you start your day wrong, you’ll often end it wrong.

I have a bonus point to share with you. 

Set Daily Goal

Instead of waking up to your TV or social network, why don’t you wake up to a pencil and a sheet of paper and take 5 minutes off every morning to write just 3 important things you want to achieve that day? You see, 98% of my days when I wake up, I know what exactly I want to achieve that day.

Because I have goals, it’s just too difficult for me to do any other thing in the morning aside from pursuing my goal. You can go to social media. It’s good you know what is going on in the world around you, so you need to read the news. Some movies are very good and it’s okay to watch them. But never, ever, ever in the morning.

In conclusion, champions are made in the secret. Today, if you see a great musician, footballer, artist, or entrepreneur, believe me, they are who they are because of what they do in the secret.

The curiosity that makes them search for knowledge every day, the rituals that help them to renew their energy every day, the networking that gives them the necessary connections they need to achieve what others can’t, and the discipline never to waste their morning. If you desire to be wealthy, I advise you to do what wealthy people do.



Thank you.




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